We feel honored that you are interested in getting involved with this noble cause. We cannot do this work without you!

There are various methods that you can use to raise funds for our work, and whichever method you choose, we are here to assist you. No fundraising effort is too small to make an impact, and hosting a fundraising event is a rewarding and fun process.We are committed to supporting you so that your hard work and planning yields success.

We have a few suggestions for you, and you can pick one or more of them that suit you best.

Community Yard Sale for a Cause

Just about everyone has items sitting in their garage, basement, or attic that they no longer want or need. Why not invite your neighbors to join you for a “Yard Sale for a Cause”? That way, everyone can get rid of unwanted stuff and the proceeds can go to a great cause. Plus, it’s a fun way to get your community engaged and teach kids about giving.

We suggest that you invite a few of your neighbors or community members for coffee and discuss having a community-wide yard sale to benefit One Heart Orphanage in Haiti.

Explain the organization’s work and help them to understand our goals, achievements, and current constraints.Set a weekend date for the event, ask each of your friends to reach out to at least three other neighbors/community members, and assign some roles and responsibilities to those who agree to be involved. Put up fliers a week or two in advance, and place an ad in your local paper set to run a few days before the event.

Here are some items that we have found make for some of the most successful yard sales:

  • Furniture
  • Exercise equipment
  • Household appliances (toasters, slow cookers, blenders, etc.)
  • Kitchenware
  • Second hand clothes (dresses, shirts, coats, etc.)
  • Children’s books
  • Toys
  • Anything else that children 18 or under can use

Youth Group Car Wash

Whether it’s a group of high school students in your community or a local church youth group, engaging the youth in your community to raise funds for students in Haiti who are in desperate need of help is a fantastic way to teach them about the world and the importance of giving. Select a strategic day, time, and place where you will get lots of drive by traffic. Have the group collect the materials they will need for washing, put up fliers a week in advance, and create some signs for the day of the event. Then, prepare to spend a few hours working hard and having fund for a great cause!

Church Rummage Sale

Reach out to your local church council about the impactful work that One Heart Orphanage is doing in Haiti, and ask them if their members will help. Many church leaders will be willing to support you in organizing a rummage sale on a Sunday afternoon. The leaders can request the help of their congregation, asking them to donate old household items to help make the sale a success.

These are just a few ideas and we know that you likely have many more! One Heart Orphanage Home shall give you all the assistance we can, and together, we will give hundreds of children in Haiti the most precious gift of all – hope for a brighter future.