We recognized the need for quality education, and therefore, we have staff that assists the children with their homework after classes. We also appreciate the need to develop the children into wholesome human beings. As such, we have designed programs children to build emotional strength and independent. On a day-to-day basis, we engage the children in activities that promote critical thinking and encourage bold decision-making.

For most part, the success of this program can be attributed to the staff training that we provide our personnel. Our employees are equipped with the best practices in the field of youth development. They are able to recognize the needs of each individual child, and therefore, help the child accordingly. This is particularly critical when it comes to issues of mental health. For example, our staff can quickly pick out a child who is feeling low or depressed, and then give the child the support and attention that they need.

In order to promote broad thinking, we encourage the children to develop a reading culture. In this regard, we have provided the children with textbooks and formed reading clubs. In these clubs, children get to read and share their opinions on different books, or even on individual book characters or topics. We also recognize the importance of computer and digital literacy in order for our students to be able to excel in the modern world, so we provide all of our beneficiaries with computer skills training. As well, we engage the children in project-based learning, which increases their capacity to interact freely, think critically, make bold decisions, and take responsibility. Finally, we also promote the children’s physical health through activities within a fitness club, which supplements the active play that they do at other times in their day.