I would like you to meet Blandyne Jean, a beautiful little girl from Haiti that needs your assistance. After reading Blandyne’s story, you will realize, like we did, how lucky we are to be living in America. For the most part, we take for granted our easy access to nutritious and abundant food, clean water, and world-class health care.

Like many children in Haiti, Blandyne lived with her family – her mother and sister. She had an older sister, but she sadly passed away when Blandyne was barely old enough to remember. Things with Blandyne’s family were steady until mother became seriously ill with what they eventually came to learn was an aggressive form of uterine and breast cancer. Blandyne’s mother’s health quickly deteriorated and she soon died.

Some neighbors and relatives stepped in to help, doing what they could to care for this little family of sisters. Eventually, the neighbors came to One Heart and asked if Blandyne could be taken in.In November of 2013, One Heart did just that. Shortly thereafter, Blandyne’s sister, Manouncheka, also entered the orphanage—the sisters were reunited!

Blandyne is now seven years old. She is in first grade at the Cazeau Christian Primary School and is an excellent student! The Haitian Primary School grading scale is 1-10. Blandyne marked a 7.95 for the second grading period this school year, and is second in her class. Her favorite subjects are reading and writing. When she grows up, Blandyne would like to be a nurse so that when people are ill she can “help them to get well.” She has a big heart and much compassion for the weak.

After school, she enjoys playing with dolls when she isn’t studying for her lessons. She also helps out around the orphanage by making her bed and sweeping the floors. Blandyne is a most delightful little lady–happy and secure. She has a sweet disposition and gets along well with the other children. It’s a rare moment when there isn’t a smile on her beautiful face. She’s adjusted nicely to the orphanage, especially considering the challenges she faced so early in life. She is a precious little girl with great potential. She is a wonderful example of why so many compassionate people choose to invest in the children of Haiti.

If you are interested in helping to support the care and education of Blandyne, or those like her, please visit our Donation Page.

  • $10 gives Blandyne some new Toys.
  • $20 enables Blandyne to have a new outfit for School.
  • $50 provides Blandyne with a week worth of Meals.
  • $100 covers Blandyne’s Schooling fees for the Semester.