We greatly appreciate your donation! Every dollar adds up to make a direct and positive difference in the lives of one of the Haitian orphans in our care. For example, a donation of:

  • $20 will buy a few pair of shoes for a One Heart child.
  • $40 willenable us to take our students on an educational field trip.
  • $100 willprovide meals for five students for a week.
  • $500 willcover a semester of schooling fees for five students.
  • $1,000 will sponsor the housing, food, clothing, medical, and schooling costs for single One Heart child for an entire year


A fast, and easy way to donate. If you have a paypal account you can enter your email address and give. Also, paypal will give you the option to donate via a credit card if you would prefer that option instead. Both Recurring and One-Time giving options available.

Thank you.