Our Mission is to improve the lives of Haitian Children who have been Deserted, Orphaned, or Left Homeless.

We aim to help as many Haitian children as possible out of the life of squalor that they are currently leading. We want to break the cycle of poverty in their homes by ensuring that the children get access to the basic life necessities and education. When we provide them with a healthy, decent life and good education, we give them hope for a bright future.


In addition to the assistance we are already giving Haitian children, we have a bigger vision for them. Here are some of the goals we have set for ourselves:

  • Establish a bigger residential home so that we can accommodate a bigger number than the 50 children we are able to cater for today.
  • Expand our food distribution program in the country.
  • Take more children into our education program.
  • Facilitate cultural awareness among the children.
  • Strengthen our sports programs for the children.
  • Offer life skills to the children that will prepare them for the job market

Beneficiary Focus

 Our focus is primarily on children between the ages of 5and 18 years old. We enroll them on the basis of need regardless of the child’s level of education. We also take in children who have never had access to education. The same considerations apply to those children that who we provide housing for. As a matter of principle, we give priority to orphaned children and those who have been abandoned by their parents. Without intervention, this group is at the highest risk of disease, malnourishment, and even death. However, since poverty levels are pretty high in Haiti, we find often assist many other children outside of our main beneficiary focus, and provide them with food and education services.